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Tradeshow Booth Labor Website Redesign and Branding

Crafting Success: How Tradeshow Booth Labor’s new website redefined industry standards.

Research and Discovery

User Research

We conducted user interviews and analyzed competitor websites to understand user needs and preferences. These insights informed our design decisions for the new site.

Brand Strategy

We collaborated closely with Tradeshow Booth Labor to define their brand personality, voice, and core messaging. This guided our branding efforts.

Design and Development


Business CardS



Logo design

We designed a fresh logo that embodies reliability, professionalism, and efficiency.

The new logo features clean lines and a memorable icon.

original logo
redesigned logo
Color Palette and Typography

Our chosen color palette includes bold blues and grays, evoking trust and stability.

Typography combines a modern sans-serif font for headings and a legible serif font for body text.

Website Design and Build


The homepage showcases Tradeshow Booth Labor’s services with a clear hero section.

Strategic call-to-action buttons encourage users to explore further.

Portfolio Showcase

The portfolio section highlights successful projects, emphasizing Tradeshow Booth Labor’s expertise.

High-quality images and case studies provide credibility.

Contact Page

A user-friendly contact form simplifies inquiries.

Social media links allow additional communication channels.

Results and Impact

Enhanced User Experience

Bounce rates decreased significantly after the new site launch.

Users now spend more time exploring content.

Increased Conversions

Conversion rates for inquiries and quote requests rose by 15%.

The streamlined contact form contributed to this improvement.

Positive Brand Perception

Stakeholders and clients praised the updated brand identity.

Tradeshow Booth Labor is now perceived as a professional and reliable partner.


The Tradeshow Booth Labor website and branding project successfully achieved its goals. By creating a user-centric website and a cohesive brand, we positioned Tradeshow Booth Labor for growth and success.

For a firsthand experience, visit the Tradeshow Booth Labor website and explore the transformation!

Note: All data and metrics mentioned in this case study are based on actual project results.

Trade Show Booth Labor

The primary objectives of this project were to:

Create a New Website: Develop a user-friendly, responsive website from scratch.

Establish a Strong Brand Identity: Craft a brand that resonates with Tradeshow Booth Labor’s values and services.

Drive Conversions: Optimize the site for lead generation and inquiries.

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